What To Do When Your Bored

Fun Things to Do When Your Bored

What to Do When Your Bored at Home

what to do when your bored at homeAre you bored? Trying to figure out what to do when your bored at home?

Here are some fun things to do by yourself or when being bored with a friend or family member.


25 Things to Do When Your Bored With a Friend or Family Member

1. Bring out 10 things from the kitchen but fold your friends eyes and see if he can guess what you are feeding him.

2. Read a English book with a foreign language accent, let your friend guess what country you pretend to be from.

3. Play don`t touch the ground.

4. Bring out a board game and play with your buddy, no it is not a video game, you have to walk to the closet and digg it out.

5. Write a book take turns write down every other word.

6. Play catch in a really small box

7 Ask your friend 10 questions about his hair

8. Put up a puppet show for your buddy with stinky socks

9. Put on your own musical

10. Play ”I spy” pretend you see things you don`t

11. Learn a card trick and see if your buddy can figure out how you did it

12. Have a water balloon fight in the bathroom

13. Watch a movie on mute and come up with the conversation yourself

14. Draw a picture of your friend

15. Sing karaoke, you pick a song for your friend

16. Have a dance party

17. Have a pillow fight

18. Write words on each others backs with your finger try to figure out the words

19. See who can jump on one leg the longest

20. Build an obstacle course and have a race

21. Let your friend get access to your Facebook account and let him post whatever he wants as you.

22. Have a picnic in the living room

23. Tell each other spooky scary stories

24. Go outside and play soccer or football in the yard

25. Stare at each other see who blinks first


25 Things to Do When Your Bored by Yourself


1. Create a website

2. Pick one of those things that sit on a shelf yes a book.

3. Watch a movie, pick your favorite one from when you were a kid

4. Go read up on Michael Jackson and learn to moonwalk.

5. Learn how to fake cry just like they do in the movies.

6. Color your hair orange

7. Play solitary with a actual stock of cards, not on the computer.

8. Go to ”answer” sites like Yahoo Answer and answer stupid questions in a smart way

9. Buy something really stupid online

10. Make a smoothie with 12 ingredients

11. Go for a walk in the kitchen

12. Have a spa day, take a bubble bath read a book and relax

13. Bring out the old albums and look at photos, the ones that your mama developed for you

14. Write a poem that does not start with ”roses are read”

15. Put up a tent inside pretend you are on an adventure

16. Come up with a new secret language

17. Draw a picture of yourself

18. Read a dictionary

19. Get on a chat and talk to someone

20. Paint your face as a tiger

21. Rearrange a room

22. Change your Facebook status to the opposite of what it is now and wait for your friends response

23. Do some yoga, invite grandma to do it with you

24, Paint your nails

25. Talk to yourself in the mirror

26. Get out of your house, go for a walk

27. Invite a friend over

Feel free to leave a comment what do you like to do when your bored at home???

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